Our desire is to be a people who genuinely love and care for one another. We are not just a body; we are a family that gets to walk together in this season of life. We pursue deep relationships with God and each other. Real, in-depth community comes through choosing to prioritize and pursue relationships, through accepting and loving one another in our similarities and our differences. 

Some of the ways we are connecting and growing in relationship are through:

• Community events held at various times throughout the year
• Deeper groups (our small-group ministry)
• Mom & Pop groups 

Deeper Groups

In our small-group ministry, we want to go deeper with the Lord and each other. We worship, minister to each other, and have times of discussions. Groups generally meet from fall through spring.

Mom & Pop Groups

Every member at Daystar is assigned to a Mom & Pop Group led by amazing couples who have walked with the Lord for many years and are full of wisdom and love. Each "mom and pop" prays faithfully for the members of their group. They are also a point of connection, checking in occasionally to see how the members of their group are doing.