April 14—Understanding the Language of Dreams: the Next Level—POSTPONED

We spend nearly a third of our lives dreaming—time filled with images, metaphors, similes, parables, and enigmas—and these symbols become part of the language God uses to speak to us. In Understanding the Language of Dreams: The Next Level, you will gain a better understanding of how God prophetically speaks with the symbols that are found within dreams. Monica Fort, with training in dream interpretation from Streams Ministries and years of practical experience, will share her insights.

The workshop will be interactive and will include fun metaphorical exercises that will sharpen your ability to decipher a dream’s meaning. You will learn how to “see” what God is “saying" in dreams by:

• Developing your metaphorical thinking
• Understanding symbolism
• Seeing the “story” in a dream
• Unlocking riddles hidden within dreams
• And more!


Check back for details on our upcoming training events.