For years—decades and even centuries—churches have spent most of their efforts on teaching, training, and/or equipping their own members in order to influence the world around them for the Kingdom of God. And many para-church ministries have done an admirable job of serving churches and bridging gaps with outreach, curricular materials, evangelistic efforts, and more.

But what if . . .

• What if churches began coordinating their efforts to train believers and reach communities?

• What if believers could come and go from training events that serve the larger body of Christ without anyone worrying about whose members are whose?

• What if one church decided not to be a church and instead to facilitate these changes in the body of Christ?

That’s our dream at Daystar—formerly Daystar Church, now Daystar Inc.—as we transition into a training and equipping ministry with no desire other than to serve the larger body, help believers grow in their gifts and fulfill their destiny, and influence the world with the Kingdom of God. We want to be a small catalyst that has a really big impact.

We believe that intimacy with God leads to divine encounters and supernatural wisdom, power, and love. And after years of teaching this message as a church to its members and visitors and seeing God do some amazing things, we are positioning ourselves to focus on the city, the nation, and the world. We want to blow wind in the sails of other churches, to see believers overflowing with God’s goodness and being sent back into their churches and their world, and to offer teaching, training, and equipping that other ministries may not have the time or resources to offer.

Will you dream with us in this new season?

Will you brainstorm with us about who we can connect with and how we can get news of our events out to as many people as possible?

Will you leverage your network of relationships in the body of Christ to help us as we help others?

Will you pray that God would do wonderful things for us, in us, and through us for the glory of His kingdom?

Will you enter into this vision with us?