Daystar Leadership Team

As events have unfolded over the last few weeks, Daystar leaders have prayed about and discussed what God is doing and saying in this time. While many people are living in fear and uncertainty, we strongly believe that God never wants these attitudes to fill our hearts. As we have prayed about God’s perspective on current events, the following thoughts are some of the things we have sensed Him saying to us, and we believe that the degree to which they overlap is confirmation that He is speaking. We may have more specific insights at other times, but this is generally what we are sensing.

Joel George

Our goal is not to endorse particular social groups or political affiliations but to stand for truth. God is saying that He values black lives, and we should value them too, regardless of our color. Many black Americans undervalue themselves, undervalue each other, and are undervalued by a lot of other people in our society who are not black. But every ethnic group in society—and God seems to be especially highlighting African Americans right now—matters very much to Him and to society as a whole. They bear the image of God, and without this diversity, the understanding of who God is and what he looks like is incomplete. The body of Christ is made up of every tribe and nationality or ethnic group. God is highlighting now the value He places on those whose skin is dark. He loves you all. He sees you. He hears you. He values you. He wants you. He remembers you. We love you too. We want you. We stand with you as God does.

Monica Mitchell

Throughout this season from COVID until now, I have been hearing that 2020 will be the best year of your life. I absolutely believed it, but I think I have cried more this year than any year I can remember. For the last two weeks I have gone back to the Lord many times to ask, “Are You sure this is going to be a good year?” 

I believe what He said is a word for the church: 

“I remember and I see. I remember every word and every promise, and I see what is happening in the world and with the races. It’s not a surprise to me what is happening, but I have been preparing new clothes and new tools for my people because they will be needed in the next season. Ask me what tools you need for this season, and I will show you. Ask me. 

“Now is the time to allow me to remove the blinders of fear and anger and see what I am doing. I am not just working but I am changing the scene. Do not fear the change. I said in 2017 that exposure was starting, and that was just the beginning.”

(Back in 2017, I got a prophetic word about major exposure coming for people high up, very connected to sexual abuse, human trafficking, and/or sexual slavery. It will cause sales to plummet, and many will be arrested. I also saw a woman taking the helm where the man was. I saw him walking downstairs of a courthouse surrounded by lots of reporters. I saw the world of sexual slavery circling the wagons and fortifying their network. But then I saw God’s warriors circling the wagons and destroying them. The arrest is shocking. I also see a high-level pastor or clergy involved and felt it would happen within six months.)

Again, here’s what God says for the church: 

“Now I am exposing the depth of the fear, pain, and anger in the church and even the world. The exposure is just the precursor to what is to come. What you need to know is that I am neither surprised or ill-equipped to deal with and respond to the world’s circumstances. But first and foremost you need to know who you belong to. The healing will begin. 

“From my perspective, 2020 will be a very good year because I am showing not only my people but the world what has already been at work. What was underground is now surfacing, and I am separating the wheat and the tares. I and only I can do this. This is not a time to be afraid of the future but to rejoice that I am a God who sees and knows, and I am responding not only to the cries of my people but to the cries of the earth demanding justice. Beware that you don’t fall for the world’s version of justice. My way is real and lasting. The world’s way is an illusion, and it’s fleeting. 

“The hate that is being exposed is only for the purposes of uncovering my justice fighters. Beware that you keep your eyes on Me, and I will show you what I am highlighting in every season. Remember who you belong to and where you came from. Gird up and prepare your hearts to think the best of Me and know that I am still God. Don’t believe the reports that all is lost. This is nothing new, because it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun. How you respond determines your peace. 

“2020 will be a very good year because what has been strangling the hope of my people will be exposed. Fears and doubts will come into the light, and you will need to contend with them once and for all. Think bigger and think on Me when you see reports about wars to come. Some will say to believe the reports, and some will say not to believe the reports. To destroy confusion, I say believe on Me because I see all and I am actively working.”

Chris Tiegreen

As 2020 approached, I sensed that believers would see tumultuous circumstances going on around us but that we were being encouraged to observe from a place of faith and not get caught up into the weight and conflict of the times. That doesn’t mean things aren’t weighty or that none of us would be affected, only that we can be at peace throughout it all because God is bringing us to a good place. We can ride it out in peace. Much like a farmer plows a field—a very traumatic experience for the soil—our society is being plowed for a harvest to come. It isn’t comfortable, but it is good. Many people who walk by faith through this season are being promoted and even catapulted into places of influence, times of fulfillment, and seasons of abundance. 

The specifics of this expectation were obviously unknown at the time, but several people I shared it with were sensing the same thing. I believe it still holds true. And as it has played out, I believe it is very important both with COVID-19 and social unrest to be very careful about whose side we are on. In Christ, we are not white people, black people, Trump people, Biden people, church people, conservatives, moderates, liberals, or any other label that is being thrown around today. We are Jesus people. Every other viewpoint or alignment comes under that highest loyalty. 

As Joel said, we stand for truth. Our goal is to be on the side of what’s right, no matter who is supporting or opposing it. Much evil is being exposed. We support equality and justice, and some really healthy things are happening right now along those lines (along with some unhealthy things). As believers who intercede for our society, we confess and repent of society’s sins of the past and present. We embrace diversity as a God-given blessing. We stand in faith against the ravages of disease and injustice. And we believe God is bringing many stories of redemption, restoration, wholeness, and abundance out of this season that, on the surface, looks so destructive and painful. When we look back on this season, we will see the beauty that came from it, much like the new life that comes through the pains of labor. God always, always, always fills His words for His people with hope, and we agree with Him by walking in hope, anticipation, the expectation of His goodness in every area of our lives.