We believe it is God's desire that all come to know Him through Jesus Christ. But many Christians stop there, knowing what they were saved from without really knowing what they were saved for. Our original design as human beings was to experience God freely, live in fulfillment and joy, and partner with Him in shaping His kingdom.

Daystar is a training center that helps people fulfill their God-given purpose. Through training and teaching events, we serve churches and individuals from any denomination or background who want to hear God’s voice and experience His presence more fully.

Training topics include hearing God’s voice (prophetic ministry), Spirit-led inner healing (SOZO), worship (adoring God and experiencing intimacy with Him), intercession (listening prayer), cultural transformation (seven-mountain mobilization), leadership, writing and publishing, and much more. Events are held at Daystar and can also be arranged for specific groups at churches, conferences, or retreats.