December 8—Before You Write

Before you start writing your book, article, devotional, or any other inspirational text, you need to make some decisions. How are you going to approach your subject? What tone will have the greatest effect? How do you craft a compelling lead? The more questions you answer up front, the more impact your writing will have on your reader. Whether you're an experienced or an aspiring writer, come with your project ideas, questions, and samples (not required).REGISTER HERE 

April 5-6—Matters of the Heart

Do you struggle with unforgiveness? Do you find yourself in repetitive cycles that bring you pain? Do old wounds keep resurfacing? Come and learn tools that will help you break free of unhealthy cycles and walk in wholeness. Register HERE. 

June 1—Night of Worship

Join us at 7 p.m. at Intown Church (3rd floor) on Saturday, June 1, for a night of worship, prayer, prophetic ministry, and more. Come enjoy some great fellowship (and coffee!), powerful worship music, and an encounter with God's presence. There will be no childcare for this event, but children are welcome in the service.  

June 29—Prophesying from Your Mountain

Do you want to increase your ability to hear and recognize God's voice? Do you long for greater impact in the sphere of influence God has given you? Are you looking for ways to influence your community? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this one-day training is for you. Join the Daystar team and Wanda Walker, founder of Troup Transformation Inc., for a day of learning how to hear God's voice for yourself and others. This is not just a training on prophetic gifts but on connecting to His heart and releasing what is in you. It will include practical ways to discover your sphere of influence to impact your community and the world around you. We will have times of worship, individual practice, and prayer and impartation. REGISTER HERE