October 13—Processing Your Word

Even though there is no formula for deciphering a prophetic word, there are keys that help us clarify what God is saying. This workshop will help you learn how to understand and process the words you've received. Register here.

December 8—Prophetic Intercession

God is awakening His bride in this hour to pray and intercede like never before. He is inviting and inspiring us to arise and proclaim His prophetic promises for ourselves, families, cities, nation, and beyond. We can decree a thing, and it will be established. Explore how to go to battle with the promises of God and the heart of Jesus. REGISTER HERE

December 8—Before You Write

Before you start writing your book, article, devotional, or any other inspirational text, you need to make some decisions. How are you going to approach your subject? What tone will have the greatest effect? How do you craft a compelling lead? The more questions you answer up front, the more impact your writing will have on your reader. Whether you're an experienced or an aspiring writer, come with your project ideas, questions, and samples (not required).REGISTER HERE 

April 5-6—Matters of the Heart

Do you struggle with unforgiveness? Do you find yourself in repetitive cycles that bring you pain? Do old wounds keep resurfacing? Come and learn tools that will help you break free of unhealthy cycles and walk in wholeness. Register HERE.