We believe Jesus is fully God and fully man.  As the Son of God He died for our sins and rose again, fulfilling the law and defeating sin and death.  We believe salvation is only available through relationship with Him.  We believe He died, rose again and is coming again for a pure and spotless bride.

We believe that intimacy with God is at the center - that everything we do should flow from our worship and love for Him.  Our desire is to pursue a growing union with Jesus, a deeper experience of the presence of the Spirit, and an increased sensitivity to the Father's heart.  The depth of this relationship enables us to hear and speak His voice and to partner with Him to lead others into the healing, wholeness, and restoration He offers through relationship with Him.

We believe He desires us to be one.  We believe we are one church but many parts.  As a part of His body, we seek unity with each other while maintaining the beauty of diversity among the body's members.  We are committed to loving each other in truth, to encouraging one another and building each other up, to serve, equip, bless and release God's people to deploy on the seven mountains of culture.

We believe He desires to draw everyone to Himself.  We believe we are to make disciples who are increasingly like Jesus and growing in relationship with Him.  We seek to make disciples not only by declaring the gospel of salvation in Christ but also by demonstrating the good news of His kingdom in every area of society.  Our prayer is that His kingdom would come and His will would be done everywhere on earth, just as it is in heaven.